Informational service center

Person in charge: Andrea Mastrolia

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Personale afferente: Concetta Felli, Giuseppe Messina

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laboratory rules

Informational service center

The IT Service Center (CSI.PA) deals with the development, the maintenance and innovation of the computer and monitoring networks of the Section in Palermo. Formed in 2014, it is also dedicated to the development and updating of: security systems, management, maintenance and innovation of computing facilities.

In detail, the activities of the laboratory are:

• Evaluation, selection and adaptation of software applications.

• Creation of new procedures especially with regard to the network communication and cyber

• Managing the intranet.

• Managing servers present at the Institute.

• Care of the operation of the technological equipment present in the meeting room.

• Coordination of staff afferent to the laboratory and verification of the performance of the
activities of assistance, hardware and software.

• Controlling access to networks.

• WiFi Network Management and implementation of new equipment.


• Daily backups management of data and configurations of monitoring stations.

• Mail domain management for the Section in Palermo.

• Hardware maintenance on every server present at the Institute.

• Hardware maintenance on every server offsite as well as data transmission networks for
monitoring network.

• Computer support to administrative services of the Section.

• Periodic maintenance and management of the program organizing missions.

• Managing licences.

• Request assistance by users through ticket support.

• Development of web oriented applications.

• Coordination of the WebGroup in Palermo, dealing with the development, maintenance and update
of the Section website.

The lab is responsible for managing the management of all servers – divided into two different rooms equipped, conditioned and supplied with independent UPS and for the management of a warehouse containing consumables, new monitor workstation and computer supplies.

The laboratory, in addition to the performance of the activities, is always looking for innovative solutions, making it possible to meet computing needs of the Section, improving and making efficient either intra-office networks or outside the Institute.